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Meet the Fockers


August 7, 2013 by Bill

Not a great film, but it did make me laugh. “No, no, no, I’m going to be Pamela Martha Focker. I know how that sounds but that’s the name I’m taking.” And I guess laughter is one of the first things that comes to mind about the Magnolia Americas gang. So here is the group that keeps me smiling….


The Magnolia Americas Team. Front, L to R; Rich Gange, Monica Ullrich, Jeff Goldsmith. Back, L to R; Ondrej Chytil, Bill Beardslee, Jesús Ruiz

The Magnolia Americas Team. Front, L to R; Rich Gange, Monica Ullrich, Jeff Goldsmith. Back, L to R; Ondrej Chytil, Bill Beardslee, Jesús Ruiz


Our office in Miami is pretty cool. Great natural energy from the sun, colors and open layout.



“Quick. Look busy. He’s about to take a picture.”


Might you see yourself with this group? If so, check out our open jobs. Grumpy people need not apply :)

Chicago, New York, Detroit and it’s all on the same street.


July 15, 2013 by Bill

Truckin’ by the Grateful Dead is not my favorite Dead tune, but that one line rings true to me when I travel on successive weeks – “Chicago, New York, Detroit and it’s all on the same street.”  After a while, it all becomes a blur. Here is a sampling of my travels.


The J. Boye group hosted a great conference aimed at advancing the use of the web. There were tons of topics including mobile, user experience, governance and strategy. Magnolia’s own Andreas Weder presented at the conference as well. One of my favorite presentations was Dan Lewis’ “A Practical Guide to mobile and touch”. Dan integrated some work assignments for those attending his class. I must say I got a lot out of his presentation due in part to the work assignments.

Dan Lewis of The Judge Group

Basel, Switzerland

Basel is always a wonderful place to visit. A great old city that abuts the French and German borders. Our headquarters are located there, so I find a need to visit 3 or 4 times a year. And as luck would have it, the company grilled some fabulous sausages and served them on the terrace.

The feast is on. Magnolia employees enjoy fresh sausages, risotto and salad on the outdoor terrace.


Along with partner Tenthline, we hosted a Lunch & Learn. This was a 1.5 hour event where I demoed Magnolia and the folks from Tenthline showcased their DMS integration with Magnolia. Good sandwiches and a very cool location in downtown Toronto.

CN Tower in Toronto. It looks like it is 5,000′ tall. Or perhaps I am 3 inches tall.

San Francisco

A few weeks ago, we launched Magnolia 5. Part of the introduction tour included a stop in San Francisco. We hosted a party at the Old Mint Building downtown, and specifically in a room that was formerly a vault (unfortunately, no free samples). Very dark and a little bit chilly. But, it was great to be joined by clients and others to have a drink, enjoy a lovely dinner and toast the launch of Magnolia 5.

And a few invitees did escape from the Vault….

While in the Bay Area, Boris (Magnolia CTO), Monica (our Operations Manager; she is the one behind the camera) and I stopped in to see one of our clients.

Yes, I was quite happy to return to Miami. But I must say I enjoyed my travels. It is always great to speak with folks, learn about their interests and needs, catch up with friends and colleagues, and of course eat some great food.


Magnolia Amplify Miami Recap


March 14, 2013 by Isa

After three days of insightful presentations, productive workshops, new connections, cocktail receptions with a view, lunches on the Mondrian’s terrace, and a fabulous dinner in South Beach, it’s fair to say that Magnolia Amplify Miami was a full-blown success. It’s time to look back on the event, both for people who attended, and for those who couldn’t make it. There are a number of resources that you can use to reminisce and learn more.

Bill Beardslee, talking to Sebastian Napoli (left) and Ed King (right) from NRG-Edge.

    • Slides: you can view and download the slides of all presentations. If you want to get an overview of who presented what, have a look at the program.


    • Photos: if you saw Isa run around with her ancient film camera and wondered what the results would look like: here they are. A fair amount of digital photos are also on their way. Feel free to upload your own photos to flickr and make sure to tag them Mplify.

    • Tweets: curious about people’s tweets during the event?

Atlassian’s Will Paoli and Boise’s MelodeeJoy Hoene.

We’re really interested in getting attendees’ opinion about the conference, so if you participated and receive a survey, we’d really appreciate it if you completed the questionnaire. 

Magnolia Americas General Manager Bill thought that Magnolia’s clients and partners brought great energy to the event:

Those who presented did so with pride and enthusiasm. Those who were there to learn walked away with a pocket full of ideas that can be instantly implemented in their Magnolia implementations. Two clients approached me at the end of the conference asking if they could present next year. I can’t think of a better endorsement of the event than that!

From left to right: Adriaan Bloem (MBC), Dominik Steinacher (Magnolia), Boris Kraft (Magnolia), Bill Beardslee (Magnolia) and Lucero Carmona (NRG Edge).

Scene from a Friday workshop by Magnolia trainer Natascha Desmarais.

Matt Arriaga (Manatee County), Philipp Bärfuss (Magnolia), a skeptical Grégory Joseph (Magnolia) and Tobias Mattsson (Magnolia) at the cocktail reception.

Simone Blake (Eveo), Theresa Torres (Abbott Diabetes Care) and Wei-Hsin Chen (Eveo)

The Americas team is already looking forward to welcoming you again next year! If you, just like the folks who talked to Bill, are interested in talking at Amplify 2014, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Miami sunset, seen from the Mondrian